Does your home say “WOW” or “WORK”?

Listing homes these days is quite a challenge with the current market conditions, the ever-increasing inventory, the very optimistic buyers :-), and the all-too-stressed seller. Many Sellers have had experiences in the past where their homes only took 2-3 weeks to sell but those days are on hold right now and what worked in the past in getting the home sold now requires more attention than ever. When the home goes on the market, it simply has to say “WOW” when the buyer walks in the door and not “this will need WORK.” Trust me, the extra time or dollars spent repairing and staging is truly cutting the days on market. We have had Sellers willing to make the needed changes to take an average, nice home to the next level. We recently had a home in Cary, NC go under contract in 5 days! The Sellers worked down the list, made the recommended changes, and even replaced the driveway that was an eye sore. Their work paid off and they WOWed their buyer! On closing day, they felt WOWed too that it didn’t take 30, 60, 90 days on the market for them to pursue their new dream home. So…encourage your Sellers to WOW up their homes and WOW their buyers!